San Lorenzo Market

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by ShannonBrooke on June 2, 2004

You only have to walk north of the Duomo to stumble upon this sprawling market. The goods sold here are too numerous to name. The stands do seem to group by merchandise, with rows of designer knockoffs in one area, and leatherwork in another. I wouldn't let myself be deceived that any of the Prada or D&G labels were real, but there are supposedly some good buys here. There is a real market atmosphere, with the hawkers calling out for your attention.

I picked up a soft pink belt here, Italian-made, for 15 Euro. I bargained him down from 18.50 Euro. I had seen similar belts elsewhere for 12 Euro, but you can only do so much bargaining.

San Lorenzo Market
Piazza San Lorenzo
Florence, Italy, 50123

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