National Museum of Australia

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Diana2315 on August 19, 2004

I have great difficulty putting this building into words; it reminds me of the joke about a camel being constructed by a committee! From every angle the building confronts you and demands reaction - size, angles, shapes, colours; all seem to have been designed to clash and shout, "Look at me, I'm the greatest part of this construction, and DEMAND to be noticed!"

Once inside, the exhibitions thankfully take over from the construction. The introductory area is most effective, visitors are seated in a small theatrette, and rotated through a 3 different areas that lead into this historical collection. From here you are free to wander through the various levels of displays. There are a number of hands-on areas of interest to children, but the best would have to be the lower level Kspace Futureworld. As the museum was not crowded at the time we visited, us 'big kids' were able to participate - after having our ID photo taken, we were assigned a computer screen and given 3 minutes to create our home or car of the future. We then entered the theatrette, and after putting on 3D glasses, were able to view our 'City of the Future'. All our homes were displayed, and we sped through this make believe village in the cars created by our groups. Photos were displayed showing who had created what, so the children took great delight in shouting out when their creations appeared.

Outside on this level is a wonderful play area, containing many colourful constructions for everyone to experience. It is easy to spend a full day here - cafe, restaurant, shop etc as well as exhibition areas showing Australian experiences from indigenous, migrant, environmental, icons - all take you through the journey that this country has experienced.

Transport is easy - plenty of parking, or local bus service from Canberra centre.

The museum is located right on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin, so picnic lunch is also an option.

National Museum of Australia
Lawson Drive
Canberra, Australia, 2601
+61 (0)2 6208 5000

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