Water Country USA

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by dmensing on July 6, 2004

One of our favorite parks is Water Country USA. This is a 50's themed water park with attractions for any age. We have been visiting the park for the last four years and still enjoy it. The newest addition, Hubba Hubba Highway, is a giant lazy river that allows you to float with or without a life jacket (provided by the park). The fact that there are no tubes in the river make it more enjoyable since you can be as active or passive as you like. You can use a life jacket and become a human bobber, or go without one and chase the kids down the river. The park overall has a great feel to it, maybe because of all the Beach Boys music you hear during the day. As long as you enjoy getting wet, there is something in this park for everyone.
Water Country USA
176 Water Country Parkway
Williamsburg, Virginia, 23185
(800) 343-7946


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