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Hours Vary with season-in Oct. Sat, Sun noon-8 only

Because it was there, our son just HAD to go to Tibidabo. However, because he was using an old guidebook he did not know that the Parc is only open on weekends during October when we visited. The tram that takes visitors up to the top where the Parc is located doesn’t run during the week. So, when he arrived at the terminus of the FGC funicular, he saw the only way to go further was by climbing. Even he balked at doing so, and he was glad he hadn’t when he met a group of British tourists who had gone up and down in a taxi. They informed him that none of the rides and attractions were open. If you are in Barcelona during July and August, the attractions are open from noon on every day and the famed Tramvia Blau will transport you up the hill.

For other months, hours and days vary. Check www.barcelona.moodmapper.com for details on some of the rides available on "La Muntanya Magica," as it’s called and phone the above number to verify opening hours on the day you visit. It’s pricey at $14.40 or so for adults, but for seniors (over 64) it’s only around $3.60 or so, according to this site. There’s a lot of appeal to adventurers who enjoy variety and danger in their rides. This is where Barcelonans have summer fun and get way from summer heat in the city.

Our son was disappointed he didn’t get to the top, but he did feel the view was outstanding from here, better even than from Parc Guell and Montjuic. The name of this mountain on which a communications tower was added for the 1992 Olympics is explained in most guidebooks for those who don’t know Latin and/or are not familiar with the New Testament account of Satan’s tempting Christ by offering him dominion over all he could see from the highest mountaintop if he would swear allegiance to a devilish master. "I will give to you ( all that you see)" is a rough translation of what the name Tibidabo means.

The church you see on Tibidabo is the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor (Sacred Heart); the architect was NOT Gaudi and its architecture is not particularly remarkable. Remarkable is the Torre de Collserola that has an observatory with telescope and public viewing area that shows the whole of Barcelona.

Designed by the famous English architect Norman Foster and completed for the 1992 Olympics, the tower is open Wed to Sun from 11am-2:30pm and 3:30-6pm (7 or 8pm in summer). From Tibidabo funicular terminus, take bus 211 to the Torre.

Sarrià Sant Gervasi
Barcelona, Spain, 08035


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