Snowflake Chocolate

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by nonniepazonnie on April 25, 2004

For more than 15 years, I have enjoyed the handmade chocolates from this Northern Vermont small business. I discovered them shortly after they were founded in 1986 and I enjoy them just as much today. I wandered by this tiny handmade confectionary store while out sightseeing. I came to love their chocolates so much, I'd used to order them through the mail and send them as gifts. Then I moved and fell off the mailing list. With this latest trip to Vermont, I rediscovered this sweet shop.

My all-time favorite is the peanut butter bar. About the size of an adult thumb, this treat is a thick chocolate-coated bar filled with smooth, sweet peanut butter. In milk or dark chocolate, they are sold individually wrapped for about a dollar apiece. They also offer chocolate snowflakes, fish, moose, ballerinas, and solid bars inscribed with messages like “thank you” for gifts. Although I tend toward the solids, they have a large selection of crèmes, caramels, and nuts that are sold by the pound or in gift boxes. Although I haven’t tried them, they also have a very popular line of fudges. When you visit the home store in Jericho (there is a store in Burlington, too), you can watch candies being made by hand through a large window and see the entire operation at work.

One of my funniest stories about the indulgence of this shop was captured one day when we stopped for some chocolates before heading through the notch. As we made our way through the steep, winding roads of Smuggler’s Notch eating chocolate-dipped potato chips—yes, absolute decadence--we passed all these people biking, hiking, and walking on this steep mountain road. We felt so guilty and sinful in contrast, driving our car through the pass while munching on these sweet, salty, indulgences, we laughed out of guilt. During our weeklong visit at Smugglers, we visited Snowflake Chocolate, not once, but three times. Thankfully, it was the first time I had been in a decade. But I have to look out because I once again signed up for their mailing list. And they have a website.
Snowflake Chocolate
81A VT Route 15
Smugglers Notch, Vermont, 05465
(802) 899-3373

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