ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by nonniepazonnie on April 25, 2004

ECHO is a children's science center focusing on Northern Vermont ecology and natural history. It was an impressive facility--large, new, and modern--of a metropolitan caliber, but with a distinct local focus.

ECHO is an aquarium, science, and history museum all in one. It features live exhibits of fish, reptiles, and amphibians native to the area, some of which are endangered or extremely rare. It also includes many hands-on interactive displays where children can learn about wind, water, and trees.

What I enjoyed most was the emphasis on the natural history of the Lake Champlain basin. Some 13,000 years ago, the lake was connected to the Saint Lawrence Bay. Glacier changes turned this lake into a sea and then back into a lake. As a result many fascinating species of fish and plants survived and adapted to these changes. In addition, the region boasts salt-water vegetation in a fresh water setting. The glacier exhibits were really exciting for all of us to see because we were in awe of the mountains already during our visit. It was perfect timing to educate ourselves about the geologic evolution of the mountains as well as the lakes of the region.

The ECHO center is scenically located on the Lake Champlain waterfront, providing constant views of the lake and mountains. It's a great daytrip destination and within easy walking distance of all the trendy and stylish shops of downtown Burlington. It’s also located on the scenic waterfront bike path that borders the lakefront.

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center
1 College St.
Burlington, Vermont, 05401
(802) 864-1848

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