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Timisoara is without the shadow of a doubt, the most Western city in Romania, geographically and in spirit. Located in the Banat region, near the Hungarian border, this bustling town was where the revolution of 1989 started in the Protestant Church of reverend Laszlo Tokes. The city has a mixed population: Romanians and Hungarians for the most part but also Serbs, Slovaks... all living in harmony which is a big feat in a country where strained relations between ethnic groups is very common.

Timisoara was one of the first to go head on toward the Western way of life and you'll notice it just by walking down the street. It has many gardens and has a vibrant cultural life. On Victory Square (Piata Victoriei), you will notice crosses with the name of the people who died during the Revolution and the showpiece of this long square is the Metropolitan Cathedral, an Orthodox cathedral built between 1936 and 1946 following the design of architect Ioan Traianescu. It mixes the Byzantine style often seen in Orthodox churches with the more typically Romanian Moldavian style.

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