The Bath

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by melissa_bel on June 22, 2004

Budapest is known for its thermal bath and the Gellért is the oldest in town. This lovely Art Nouveau hotel will put you in the mood for some serious relaxation! When we went there, it was the "men's day" so we couldn't use the steam room (the pool is coed), so an employee gave us some direction to another bath where us ladies could use the steam room and it was a blast. A short tram ride away, the little bath we went to was really where ordinary Hungarians go take care of themselves. I wish I remembered the name.

First, we had to get undressed and the employee gave us those pieces of cloth that really don't hide anything. After the first moment of embarrassment, we got rid of them. Being embarrassed was... well... embarrassing. The dark main room topped with a dome had a hot mineral bath and cold pool. Next to it, the steam room (which was in fact a little room with the heater set at maximum temperatures). The locals, instead of sitting quietly like I did, have little instruments to scrape their dead skin. That grossed out some of my friends. I thought it kinda made sense. Anyway, after several dips in the hot pool then in the cold, I felt all my body in a state of relaxation hard to describe. I wished we had had more time there because the massages were very cheap. But we only had a few hours in Budapest and we had to make them count.

Gellert Baths
Kelenhegyi ut, 4-6
Budapest, Hungary, 1118
+36 1 466 6616

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