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Member Rating 2 out of 5 by thestickman23 on April 27, 2004

The Interactive Aquarium is located at La Isla Shopping Center. For a mall this is a nice size aquarium. You can take your time through the aquarium and you will finish in about one to two hours time. This can change if you choose to "Swim with the Dolphins" (this costs $115 per person).

When you first enter the aquarium there are a couple of tanks which hold various aquatic life. You have seen most of the fish in these tanks at your local "home" aquarium store that carry salt-water fish. Nothing spectacular. Don't get me wrong the fish are beautiful, but we have all seen this before.

In the same area the aquarium has a glass case which features a large amount of seashells and crustaceans (all dead).

When you are complete with the first room head outside. Here you will find an open-air tank holding sea turtles, stingrays, and a couple of small sharks. Children of all ages can feed the stingrays or just stink your hand in the tank to touch them. You will be told not to touch the turtles because they may bite and the shark was resting on the opposite side of the tank when we arrived. Next to the stingray lagoon you can also touch starfish, sea urchin and other aquatic life.

When you are finished at the "petting zoo", your next stop will be the dolphin tank. You can observe the paying customers "Swimming with the Dolphins" from a small bridge and walkway. The tank that holds the dolphin is quite small. I wouldn't say that you were "swimming" but more like "taking pictures" or "petting" the dolphins was more like it. But everyone in the "dolphin pool" was smiling, so it must have been fun.

I found the next area to be the most enjoyable. A large tank holds a few bull sharks, brown sharks, nurse sharks, grouper, a very large moray eel, and other large sea "pisces". I can stand for minutes on end watch these amazing creatures. If you are interested you can feed the sharks for a fee (I think it was like $70 USD)! You can choose to watch the sharks from a platform above or you can head down the stairs and take a view from below.

Where do you think the aquarium ends? You guessed it, the gift shop. No aquarium is complete without the "finish line" souvenir store.

Interactive Aquarium is a great place to visit when you have had too much sun. Otherwise, it was just all right. The exhibits were decent but the educational experience was low. Most exhibits had just a brief "billboard" with little information pertaining to topic you were looking at. Obviously this is my opinion. Hey, if you enjoy aquariums, enjoy yourself. Maybe your experience will be better than ours. Enjoy.

Interactive Aquarium
La Isla Shopping Village Boulevard Kukulcan Km. 12.6
Cancun, Mexico

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