Taverna del Campo

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by melissa_bel on January 19, 2005

Yes, Campo de' Fiori is one busy piazza, and places to drink abound, most of them catering to young adults. For those who still know how to party but feel jaded or fed up with the "trendy" scene invaded by throngs of 18-25 green tourists or students on vacation, this bar is for you!

There is nothing fancy in this small bar: exposed bricks, a small counter... but the mood is always great, and wine barrels are full of peanuts for customers to take (olives and cheese are also available).

In the afternoon, it's pretty quiet, and you can have lunch there with their tasty crostini, but at night... with the Campo being what it is, it's full of carefree patrons enjoying wine or limoncello (theirs is particularly excellent) to get the night started. The terrace gets full, and soon enough, the crowd just overflows around the piazza.

And the prices are not outrageous! This is one of my favourite bars in Rome.

Taverna del Campo
Piazza Campo dei Fiori, 16
Rome, Italy, 00186
+39 066874402


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