... A bere birra

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by melissa_bel on January 19, 2005

Getting Wissal, my flatmate, to get out was always kind of difficult...

We were living on the southern side of town, and "downtown" was always too far. But for some reason, she was always willing to go with me to …A bere birra. Located close the Trastevere train station, the name (drinking a beer) would make you think this is drunk-infested pub... not at all! It's more a quiet "beer-garden"—green is the dominant color here. It has a charming terrace overlooking Viale Trastevere but is far enough from the busy part of the neighbourhood. We would always stay inside (as we would try to catch "calcio" there). This bat is on the small side (even the tables are smallish), but it’s cute, with a narrow second floor overlooking the rest.

The particularity of this place is that you can actually pour your own beer from tap. They have special tables with all the equipment. I never tried myself (my grandma used to own a bar), but it seemed quite popular with groups.

Unfortunately, for a locale with a name like this, the choice of beer was not the best... at least, not what I expected. The specialty of the house? A green beer. The idea was so bizarre for a beer purist like me that I never brought myself to try it (I should have, though). They also have a menu (I tried the bruschetta, and it was good), but the prices are not that great.

In short, it’s a nice little pub to share with a friend or two who have passed the age or are tired of noisy pubs and binge-drinkers.

A Bere Birra
Viale Trastevere, 284
Rome, Italy


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