Piazza della Rotonda

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by melissa_bel on June 17, 2004

This is another meeting point. The first thing that strikes you is the Pantheon. This jewel of Roman architecture just dominates this charming place. It is very busy, filled with terraces, restaurants and bars (and Mc Donald's handling tourists), this cool little piazza is also a nice place to stop and relax along your journey through Rome’s streets.

In the middle of the square, is another fountain, this time by Giacomo della Porta (and another obelisk). As you may or may not know, most of Rome’s fountain water is drinkable and you’ll probably notice those little "nose"-like fountains you can find almost everywhere in Rome (and it’s most welcome with Rome’s hot summers). Put your finger in the nose and the water will spring from a little hole on top so you don’t need to use some acrobatic positions to refresh yourself.

Explore the streets around, especially on the right side of the square, turning your back to the Pantheon where you will find little jewelry and vintage clothes stores. And oh, don’t forget the Pantheon!

Piazza della Rotonda
Piazza della Rotonda
Rome, Italy


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