Campo dei Fiori

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by melissa_bel on June 17, 2004

This Piazza is schizophrenic! By day, it is the seat of Rome’s flower market (as the name indicated) and it’s really worth seeing as it is the more "traditional" face of the Campo. By night, it’s a meeting point for Roman youth and tourists and the Campo manages to be even more cramped that the Porta Portese market at peak hour! So much that some resident are really, really not happy about the loud and rowdy crowd invading the Piazza every night. Although, it’s a lot of fun… let’s admit. But don’t hang out there for too long as you might become dizzy or claustrophobic. Though, a lot of good bars are located here (if you can find a seat!).

Usually, people make a meeting point of the statue that’s in the middle of the square. The bent and cloaked head of Giordano Bruno, Dominican priest, philosopher, mathematician and scientist, who dared contradict the Church about the infinity of the universe (Galileo was more lucky, he publicly renounced his theory under the pressure while still believing it). He is represented with his hands tied up, ready to be taken to stake where he would be burned alive by order of the Inquisition. It is a reminder of darker times, but also of courage in the face of adversity and the power of Enlightenment.

Campo de' Fiori
Piazza Campo de' Fiori
Rome, Italy, 00186

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