The Old Oak

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by melissa_bel on May 1, 2006

Sharing an apartment with an English woman, I was of course put into contact with the strange world of "The Expats" a world within a city that doesn't really cross the world of ordinary Brussels residents. They have their own gathering places, their own parties, etc. And the Brits are probably the best at it. But as well as importing their pubs and happy hours, they imported "Pub Quiz Night"! Geeks of Europe, rejoice! For €2.50, you can take part in a competition of smarts and enjoy a glass of beer or blanche at €1 until 10pm! The game mistress (whom I always picture with a whip in her hands) is very strict on the 5 persons rule. While my flatmate team was full, I had to look for a team that was short of a teammate. I found Octopussy, composed of 40-50'something English gentlemen all working in the same company (and who would blush at sexually explicit question in true Victorian-fashion, maybe that's why they chose the Bond-themed name?), Jane, who works for the Consillium and Lawrence, a Korean engineer who cones all the way fro Louvain-La-Neuve just to attend! Our team is geometrically variable as I got to be known as the "Quiz Mercenary".Located in the EU neighbourhood, it attracts of course, the Commission and Consilium crowd needing a drink after work, young stagiaires and some occasional odd Belgian like myself. The dark woods everywhere pub-theme is how it looks like inside but kudos to the ceiling tiles representing different kind of oaks. I can be found there every Monday evening and there is no way I can be invited to anything that night of the week.
Old Oak
rue Franklinstraat 66, 1000 Brussels
Brussels, Belgium

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