El Metteko

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by melissa_bel on May 1, 2006

To you, traveler who will necessarily have to come across Boulevard Anspach and La Bourse during your visit, you will probably be lured by the big O'Reilly pub just in front of the Bourse. Don't pay attention to it and carry on a little further on the right and you will reach El Metteko… a strange mix between, indeed, since it wears a Spanish name but proclaims itself a "stadcaffe", in typical Brussels fashion. And indeed, the wooden chair and tables, beautiful stained glass and parquet seems to indicate that it is a "traditional cafe" BUT… look at the bar team, listen to the music and look at this warm light that's bathing the place… this is obviously not Grandma's bar. Music from South America and the Caribbean is putting a festive mood.

During the day, it's pretty quiet and the wide assortment of newspapers helps spend a good deal of time sipping a coffee (it helps the service is on the slow side). At night, it's cocktail time! El Metteko prizes itself for their Cuban cocktails (happy hour after 11pm, I confirm their mojito is REALLY good) and during the weekend, it can get pretty wild although I never witnessed it. I have to trust friends and their website. The crowd? A real mix : people working in the area, expats, students. A nice alternative to the St-Gery scene.

El Metteko
Anspachlaan 88
Brussels, Belgium
02 512 46 48


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