rue Neuve - Nieuwstraat

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Located in the northern part of the downtown area, this long shopping street has the particularity of being the most expensive on the Belgian Monopoly board. Fashion bugs, it's your paradise, you'll find a lot of them: Benetton is there, Zara is there, H&M has no less than three stores (one in the City 2 mall at the northern tip of the streets). You'll find the famed Innovation (or Inno), a huge department store (like Macy's). It was built in 1897 and who was one of the greatest tragedies in Belgian modern history, as it burned to the ground on May 22, 1967. 253 persons were reported dead or missing.

The other big attraction of the rue Neuve is the City 2 mall. The first mall I had ever seen when my parents took me there when I was a teen. Four floors of shopping galore where you can find anything! Books, sporting goods, clothes, beauty products, crafts, shoes, toys, home decoration... There are 103 stores in there. City 2 also has a grocery store (GB) and the famous FNAC, the main Brussels branch of the French company selling CD's, movies, books, computer games, etc. You'll also find lots of snack bars (which might be helpful after a hard day of shopping). They are mainly located on the -1 floor.

In the rue Neuve, clothes shopping is quite big. There's nothing particularly "Belgian" to buy here (there's a waffle stand almost at the middle of the street). Although the first time I was there, I bought the official football jersey of the national football team!

Rue Neuve/Nieuwstraat
Place de la Monnaie to Place Charles Rogier
Brussels, Belgium

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