Stuttgart Zoo Wilhelma

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Funky Monkey on June 19, 2004

Stuttgart Zoo not only has animals, but also a large amount of plant life, in and around the animals, and also inside purpose built greenhouses. The animals are much more "free" at Stuttgart, obviously the lions can't get out but things like the flamingos could fly out if they really wanted to. I was inside on of the greenhouses when a small dark blue bird walked right past me. I took my bag off to take a photo but the little bird decided it would try and steal my tissues from my bag! Luckily, it only dropped them on the ground but the animals really are close to the visitors.

The Zoo was actually built in 1850 as a botanical garden for William I of Wuerttemberg, with only a few animals, but after WWII, they got a lot more animals. You can still see the original formal gardens near the entrance of the zoo.

Stuttgart Zoo Wilhelma
Wilhelmaplatz 13
0711 54020

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