Crystal Garden

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by ThereSheGoes on March 25, 2004

Crystal Garden is an indoor rainforest. I got the recommendation to visit on a cold, rainy day, which it was. Coming inside was like stepping off the plane into Hawaii. Warm, humid air greets you, along with lush green plants and brightly colored birds. There was a koi pond with the largest koi I have ever seen. Two huge blue parrots squak loudly when people approach. Upstairs they have lemurs in quite small cages, and they like to look at the crowds looking back at them. There was a cage with box turtles and some kind of monkey in it, all were eating at the same time. The butterfly exhibit I hear is much better in the late spring, but it was still neat to see the few they had in the butterfly exhibit.

It is a neat place to see, but I wish it was bigger. The cages seems almost cruelly small, with nowhere for the animals to hide from people. Also, the world's tiniest monkeys were a bit of a letdown . . . they live in tiny glass enclosures with almost no cover or toys to play with. I would recommend a visit if you need something to do, otherwise save your money. This is not a reason to go to Victoria.

Crystal Garden
713 Douglas Street
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 383-1259

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