How Far We'll Go...

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jose Kevo on July 7, 2004

No matter how sleep-deprived envisioned catnaps may be once arriving, I don't ever remember stopping to take one; this trip no different. Once camp was set, there was only one thing left - BEACH! What we'd driven 12 hours to achieve.

Squelching a battery search, reasoning was we'd need the boom-box later that night. Actually, Mother Nature's symphony was already in progress as the only thing worth listening to. Scattered rain drops couldn't keep us from placing chairs in the moist sand and surrendering to be seduced.

There were less than 30 people out in either direction; likely scared off from the forecast and threatening grey skies yet I could feel the salty heat on my body. Tides mirrored the rain clouds casting a dirty brown blending into dark sand. Nah, it wasn't the Caribbean but I was definitely in my element.

This strip of beach is part of the State Park that really outdid itself with wildlife. A pod of porpoises playfully passed just offshore much to our captivation, and species of cranes, herons and other migratory birds from the nearby refuge were strutting by more frequent than people. Never have I seen so many fish flipping in rolling tides and bet was on for adding "surf" to our "turf" at dinner that night. My only luck were hermit crabs in underwater shells you step on and dig up with toes.

Waves were definitely deceiving and disappointing along this strip for trying to use a boogie board. From the coast, there appears to be a barrier maybe 100-yards offshore where waves were consistently breaking. Walking the distance, at no point was my head under water even with tides coming in. A sandbar causes breaks where water level was below my waist. Waves could slap you around fairly good but quickly lost their zip even on body surfing.

I still played myself out and it wasn't long before stretching across my chair and reconsidering that nap. Everyone else had already checked out so I reasoned closing my eyes, too but still never drifted off. I was entranced by the constant rolling of the times so intense sounding like thunder, trains or airplanes taking off before fading back into the soothing sounds of a trickling stream.

Galveston Island had gone out of its way to put on a good showing; almost as if to convince me worthiness of the review I'd write. Driving all night to get here; definitely what the doctor ordered, but I still wasn't convinced or fully sold.

Perhaps the moment wasn't as brief as thought, but when opening my eyes the greys had been replaced by blues thanks to an appearance from the sun; Mother Nature's show-stopper. I waited briefly before waking the others as if to hoard the welcomed presence. Maybe it was the power-snoozes but I prefer to believe it was the sun recharging our batteries as if starting the day anew. We poured another round eventually heading back into the water.

Galveston Island State Park
14528 Stewart Rd
Galveston, Texas, 77554
(409) 737-1222

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