Musee de Erotica

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by noone on March 31, 2004

A VERY interesting place! Filled with erotic art that spans the ages. Everything from ancient Egypt to modern day photography. Six floors of fascinating displays-- everything from kitchenware fashioned into erotic forms, fetishes, a history of the corset/bra, and truly amazing (artful) photographs.

The collection is housed in what was once a brothel, so even the building has an erotic history. Exhibits were truly very tastefully and artfully displayed, and I learned a great deal about censorship. The museum was definitely erotic---rather than exploitative---but not a place for the kids unless you want to do some serious explaining of some very detailed sexual practices.

Also-- there is a small gift shop selling erotic art, including great postcards and trinkets, but no sex toys... you have to walk next door to one of the traditional sex shops for those!

BTW-- I can't really post any of the photos that we took here, for obvious reasons, but let's just say that we got a couple of pretty funny ones!

Another thing-- it's open until about 10:00 PM, which makes it a great evening activity before a nice dinner out.

Musée de l'Erotisme
72, boulevard de Clichy
Paris, France, 75018
+33 1 42 58 28 73

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