Les Catacombs

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by noone on March 19, 2004

The Catacombs occupy only a portion of the Parisian netherworld. Basically, over the last 500 years, cemeteries were emptied and the remains deposited, quite artfully, underground. At the start, we descended a tight, spiral staircase of about 100 steps. At the bottom is a small gallery. And beyond the gallery is a very long, narrow tunnel. Neither the staircase nor this tunnel is for claustrophobics, although the Catacombs themselves are not uncomfortable.

Ultimately, we reached an opening in the tunnel, and we saw the sign at the top of this page--which translates: "Stop! Here is the empire of the dead." The stacks of bones can be seen beyond the sign. They're arranged in some interesting ways. I won't attempt to describe to you my feeling of the Catacombs--I'll let you make up your own minds. But, one hour after entering the mass grave, we emerged to the city again through another long, winding staircase. Unexpectedly, we didn't exit the Catacombs at the same place where we had entered.

Catacombs of Paris
1, Place Denfert-Rochereau
Paris, France, 75014
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