Comedy Cellar

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Looking at the list of performers, you'll probably see a few names you recognize and a few you don't. But no matter who is performing, you'll be sure to laugh your butt off. The Comedy Cellar is literally in a cellar, underneath a restaurant. The ceilings are low, and the place is old and dark, but it is THE PLACE to see comedians that have made it (such as Jerry Seinfeld, Colin Quinn, etc.) or are on their way up.

I think the best time to visit "The Cellar" is on a weekday (except Friday). The list of comedians is usually longer, and you never know who might pop their head in. On one occasion I saw Colin Quinn, Nick DiPaolo, Bill Burr, and Keith Robinson all on stage, while sitting behind me was "Stuttering John" and Artie Lange from The Howard Stern Show. This was a weeknight too. The only disadvantage of weeknight shows is that they don't start until 9pm.

On weekends the shows start at 7pm. Usually the comedians repeat for each show, so there is no real need to stay beyond the first show unless you want to hear the same jokes again. The show is also shorter than on weekdays...because they cram 3 or 4 in on one night.

For a seat up front, arrive 30 minutes before doors open. Be warned that the seats are VERY close together, so don't complain if you feel crammed.

For those who may be offended easily, be warned that the jokes are dirty sometimes. And, if you're up front, don't be surprised if you become part of the joke. But, if you ask me, it is all part of the fun.

For you frugal folks, go to their website and get a free pass (for shows Sunday-Thursday only). You won't need to pay the cover, but you'll still need to buy two drinks.

The Comedy Cellar is only two blocks from the West 4th Street station (A,C,E,B,D,F,V).


Comedy Cellar
117 MacDougal St
New York, New York, 10012
+1 212 254 3480

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