Napolean's Tomb and Military Museum

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Whisler on June 19, 2004

We arrived at the Invalides Metro station and went up to the street level on the esplanade approaching the military museum. Behind us was the Pont Alenxander III bridge with golden eagles atop the four corners. The garden area was manicured beautifully and the buildings were very ornate on the outside.

The military museum was packed with war artifacts including weapons and uniforms from France's history. My husband was very interested in the design of weapons and their progression, but I also was enthralled by the sense of history and how the items were presented. Initially, I thought it would be just a "guy thing", but it proved to be very interesting to the women in our party as well. It was a relatively narrow building with 2 floors of displays including a gift shop on the second floor.

After visiting the museum, we went through the complex toward Napolean's tomb where the cafeteria was located. We sat and had an average lunch of prepared sandwiches. This was a bit pricey, but the meal suited our needs at the time.

As we entered the domed building where Napolean's body lay, I was struck by how highly the French thought of him. We came in on the second level and looked down through the center of the rotunda to see the casket. It was enormous! The man was quite small in stature so I could just imagine how little a space his body would take up in such a huge box. It was very interesting to read some of the history plaques with information about Josephine and his brother. I was just put off by the arrogance shown in the building with its gold dome gleaming in the sun. Still, I would say this is a "must see" when visiting Paris just so you can say you saw it.

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