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I grew up in a baseball loving family. When the World Series came around, they whole world stopped. Both my parents never missed a Twins game on the TV or radio. We were baseball crazed! But somehow that gene skipped me. I thought watching the sport was downright boring and I never understood the fever. I was bored silly whenever I got to go with my dad to a live game.

Flash forward: I am an adult living in San Francisco. My partner gets Giants tickets a couple times each year. Shouldn't I fake sick or just refuse to go? Hell, NO and miss a chance to go to SBC Park! NO WAY!

Even if you hate baseball, this is one stadium you can fall in love with. The stadium opened in 2000 as Park Bell Park. It was built on the water in the Embarcadero in the image some of the old great parks. The stadium is truly something to see.

You first off notice the huge Coke bottle and the large baseball mit. These are actually playground props for the large kiddie play ground on the side of the field (where were they when I was a kid?).

The park has a great setting right on the water. The outfield sits just a few feet from our bay. Boats hug the stadium during the game in hopes of catching a Bond's homerun. It's a colorful sight.

What this place does have is FOOD, lots and lots and lots of food. Sushi, Chinese, an Irish Pub, Krispy Kreme donuts, a carvery, chowder in a bread bowl, Mexican food, an oyster bar, a dessert bar, the best hot fudge sundaes in the world, full bars and wine tasting from all the great California wineries. Being in California it also has a salad bar and fresh produce. Oh yeah, did I forget hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, Cracker Jacks, and beer are also available? The food is actually good. You can spend the whole game making your way from stand to stand to stand and trying a little of everything.

This week Pullen and Katie came in from Atlanta. The Giants were playing the Marlins from Florida. Chris got tickets. It was a beautiful day on the bay, blue, sunny and even a bit hot. We took BART into the city and went to the game. I took the kids to the playground and Patrick and Breana batted a few whiffel balls. Then we made the food rounds. I admit I did have one of those outrageous hot fudge sundaes! Soon the game was over and it was time to go! Who won the game? I think I heard someone say on the way out that the Giants won!

AT&T Park/San Francisco Giants Ballpark
24 Willie Mays Plaza at Third and King Streets
South Beach, San Francisco, 94103
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