The Chocolate Line

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Kathryn on April 24, 2004

Consider this a public service announcement.

There's lots of chocolate in Bruges. There are chocolate shops all over the place. But, my friends, you must believe me when I say that all chocolate is not equal.

I bought chocolate from cheap, medium, and premium priced shops. The Chocolate Line was the premium priced shop, although not really much more than Neuhaus (the medium priced option and one of the Belgian chocolate ' chain' stores).

I bought all my chocolate on the second (and final) day of my visit, after investigation of many, many chocolatier windows around the town. Why did I decide on 'The Chocolate Line' when there are so many stores? Well, I first noticed it when I was walking from the train station to my hostel. I went past several times after that and there were always people outside looking at the window display. Perhaps it was because it was all done up for Easter. What clinched it was the truly amazing variety of flavours available - and, by 'truly amazing', I'm talking of things like wasabi and lemongrass. That's right - wasabi and lemongrass!

I didn't eat any until I got home, but my final verdict was this: The cheap chocolate just wasn't worth it. Most of the fillings were a sickly sugar and variety was a bit lacking. The medium priced chocolate (Neuhaus - I bought a 500g pre-packed dark chocolate variety box) was fine. Really nice, but the chocolates got a bit boring. There were several 'chocolate' fillings that, although apparently different, tasted remarkably similar. Perhaps, I'm not enough of a connoisseur. The six pieces I got from the Chocolate Line lasted me almost a week - one a night. They were all very different. And, yes, the wasabi was fabulous.

Other advice I'd offer is that you should take the time to hand-pick your chocolates, rather than buying a pre-packed box - or letting them pick. I think that's part of the reason I ended up with so many disappointing chockies from the el cheapo place. Their dark chocolate and marzipan (which I am particularly fond of) was quite nice - but I only got one. Finally, check out a supermarket! You can get some amazing blocks of praline chocolate at very reasonable prices. I have to admit, I ate quite a bit of that too!

The Chocolate Line have a website, but it's just for show. They don't ship. Believe me, if (when?) I go back to Bruges, I will be going back to 'The Chocolate Line' and I will be buying at least a kilogram, if not more, of their stuff. It really is that good.

The Chocolate Line
Simon Stevinplein 19
Bruges, Belgium

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