Table Mountain

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Eric Kater on April 20, 2004

To experience Cape Town is to be cradled by earth, sky and sea. Table Mountain, so named because its top is a large plateau, rises 3520 feet above the center of the city. The mountain and its neighboring peaks, Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head, are part of the consciousness of the city in the way Corcovado is part of Rio de Janeiro. And like Rio, there are huge shanty towns on the outskirts on the city and beach culture is a big part of life.

This is one of the prime tourist attractions in Cape Town, and so I was a bit reluctant to go, being one of those people who take pride in getting off the beaten track. The steep vertical climb of the cable car to the summit is no joy ride for those who are afraid of heights. I learned on my way up that I was dangling from the longest continuous stretch of cable in the world. The mountain’s plateau affords 360-degree views of Cape Town and its surrounding mountains and coastline, which from this vantage point is not to be missed. The mountaintop is quite large, and lined with paths and benches, so it is quite a pleasant place to leisurely pass a few hours.

Table Mountain
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