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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ggcahill on April 13, 2004

We did the dinner cruise on the first night in Sydney (well, we had to eat and we wanted to see the harbour at night!) and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were offering a $20 reduction in price for the cruise that night (must have been short on bookings), and I can't resist a bargain. The food was excellent, particularly if you decided to break from the tradition of eating fish on Good Friday. The fish was nice (my wife had that) but the steak was just perfect. Cooked just as I like it and very tender!

The cruise lasted two hours and 30 minutes and took us around to Darling Harbour (beautiful at night) and out towards the heads. It turned at Watsons Bay, I guess because night tours only work where there are some city lights!

we enjoyed the cruise (and the food) so much that we went back for a second trip. This time it was the coffee cruise, which went all the way up the upper reaches of middle harbour to show us the $1 million+ mansions. Actually, some were over $30 to $40 million dollars. We were staggered not just by the prices, but by the fact that so many people had so many millions to spend on housing! We thought we had found our dream house until we heard the price and found out how they had to get down the hill to their houses!

If you are taking a cruise on Sydney Harbour, we found Captain Cook cruises to be a good value. The pace is slower than the catamaran cruisers, but we thought that was better. Time was not critical. The night cruise was romantic (hehehe).

Captain Cook Cruises
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