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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Judykeyes on May 18, 2004

We took the sunset tour, which began around 5:30 to 5:45. The six of us claimed our spots in the back of the jeep and we headed out of town while Larry regaled us with stories about Sedona's history. On our way into the canyon wilderness, he took us through some of Sedona's residential areas and showed us some of the homes of stars (they don't live there and rarely visit) such as Robert DeNiro and Madonna - they were just what you would expect - huge and beautiful. All of the homes and other buildings in Sedona blend beautifully into the red rock surroundings so they don't detract from the majestic beauty of the area. In fact, no building can be over two stories high.

As we pass the red rocks Larry points them out, tells us their names and interesting facts about them. Then we get to the really good part. We are off the beaten path on roads only a jeep could traverse and we occasionally stop to take in the views and learn more about how this unique landscape was formed and also about the intriguing vortices (vortexes?) that are purported to be in abundance in this area. Along our journey deep into the canyons we saw a roadrunner, mule deer and a coyote.

Finally, after an exciting trip down a very rough dirt "road" we reached a hill in the middle of the wilderness. Larry told us that this is thought to be the site of a vortex and has been considered to be a very holy place by the Native Americans or ancient ones. We climbed this hill as the sun was setting. I don't know what I think about vortexes, but this was a beautiful, otherworldly spot and after being there for awhile all of us became very quiet and contemplative. Maybe it was the vortex, maybe it was the beauty surrounding us. We were all hesitant to leave the spot and return to the jeep. This was one of the most worthwhile experiences of our Sedona vacation.

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