Boynton Canyon Trail

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Judykeyes on May 18, 2004

This is a very picturesque hike. You have constantly changing views of the magnificent red rocks rising above. Unfortunately, the first part of the trail skirts a resort and for a long time we could hear the noise of construction equipment. This hike gets you up close and personal to the red rocks. You hike over it, beside it and under it. It is a bit frustrating because there is so much to see yet you have to be very careful of where you put your feet for a number of reasons. In places the trail is fairly rough and you could easily sprain an ankle, or worse. Also, we saw some fresh animal leavings (don't know what kind of animal) in a few places right on the path. Didn't want to step there.

Besides the red rocks there were so many different types of plants to admire. There was lots of manzanita with its beautiful deep red mahagony colored branches, century cactus, many types of wildflowers everywhere we looked, and huge trees that totally took us by surprise. We came upon an interesting open area where people had built medicine wheels from pine cones and there were many of the rock pile structures. It was so alluring that I built one of my own. We were thrilled to find within very close proximity four-century plants (also known as agave) in three different phases of its life span. One which was sending up a beautiful new flower stalk, which is dark red and green and looks exactly like a giant stalk of asparagus. Nearby was another stalk with blossoms sprouting from the top and then two dying century plants right next to each other.

If you have any interest in plant life, the area of the country is fascinating, with desert plant life within close proximity to forests with large pines and hardwood trees.

Boynton Canyon Trail
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