Casino Niagara

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by thestickman23 on January 18, 2004

When we pulled up to the Casino Niagara, we parked in the parking garage. This was a mistake because the garage is not owned by the Casino. It is actually cheaper to get the valet parking. The service, including the tip, was a couple of bucks less.

When you head into the Casino, they card everyone and give you a hand stamp. I do not understand this concept, because when we went to the Hard Rock, we had to re-show our I.D. even with the stamp on our hand.

Inside the Casino they had two floors of gaming. There were slot machines on both levels and I think all of the table games were on the main level. I recommend to get the Casino Niagara card if you are considering coming back to the area. This card is placed into the slot machine or given to the dealer when cashing in at a table. You receive comp for the time and amount in which you gamble. In return you can get money off of dinner, and cash-back bonuses.

We both enjoyed our time spent in the Casino. The staff was friendly and helpful and they have all of the games you would get at a Vegas type of casino.

Casino Niagara
5705 Falls Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6T3
(905) 374-3598

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