The Amsterdam Historisch Museum

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Dr. RingDing on January 18, 2004

The Amsterdam Historisch Museum (AHM) is a mandatory stop on the Amsterdam museum circuit for anyone who is interested in the archaeological aspects of the city. The museum's exhibits are arranged in a chronological, walk-through fashion comprised of 20+ different sections. One distinct strength of the AHM is that every exhibit up to approximately 1750 includes item descriptions in both Dutch and English.

As the Rough Guide to Amsterdam book notes, however, "it's a garbled collection, lacking continuity." While the museum's exhibits are displayed chronologically, making your way through them is somewhat challenging. My experience was that there was a conspicuous gap in exhibits between 1700 and 1940, and it's likely that I got confused as I was moving through the displays.

I was disappointed that the contemporary exhibits were presented exclusively in Dutch, and as a result, the concluding section of the museum was merely a quick walk-through. This situation made for a strange overall experience, and felt like I pressed a history "fast-forward" button. One minute I was proceeding though the 1700s, and the next minute I was searching through post-World War II Dutch-language exhibits and searching for the exit.

Amsterdam Museum
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