Palace Theater

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Mary Dickinson on January 12, 2004

From the low, mournful tunes of an Irish ballad to the quickened step of the Irish Washerwoman, the Irish International Dance Company taps their feet without missing a beat creating The Spirit Of The Dance. It is an art built from childhood, a need to express body movement creating sound that is music. With military precision the group synchronizes in perfect unison. In mind and spirit you are up there with them.

The lights fade and the next setting transports them to Spain. They are as able with the Flamenco steps as the ladies' red ruffled skirts swirl and their feet beat out the romantic music. The lights fade again and then they are sporting derby hats and black costumes and are tapping out jazz. Again the lights fade and they are wearing plaid. Bagpipes are playing a different tune and they are wearing ballet slippers. The dance costuming are genuinely Scottish. The show runs for two hours with a twenty-minute intermission.

Spirit of the Dance is performed on stage at the Palace Theater. It is at the western end of Broadway At The Beach. Being off season, the auditorium was only one quarter full, however, tickets were regular price. We ordered our tickets and seats on the internet and got a $5 discount but for Row L center seats we still paid $41.93 apiece.

Broadway and The Carolina Jamboree are also playing at the Palace Theater. A big discount in price was being offered if we bought tickets for those shows while we were there but I had other plans for the week. There is a gift shop in the lobby where DVDs of the performance are for sale.

Palace Theatre
1420 Celebrity Circle
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29577
(843) 448-9224

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