Chapel of the Holy Cross

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by samepenny on March 8, 2004

928/828-4069. Combine the view of the red mountains of Sedona with an architecturally significant building and you have the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired building perches lightly on a very steep hilltop. The views are stunning both from within the chapel and the patios. Although the way up has been changed from steep stairs to a winding ramp, the going was difficult on the winter day of my visit. Icy spots and a strong wind made for a difficult journey to the top. Also I arrived at the Chapel in a Vaughan's Southwest tour van, which had permission to park in the highest parking lot.

It is required that most visitors park much further down the hill and face a steep walk upward. Exceptions are made for people with legal handicap parking permits and tour vans. If you arrive via tour bus, you will still have to park further down and walk up.

What do you find at the top? The view, a hoard of chatty visitors and tour guides talking at the top of their voices, people climbing on the rocks totally disobeying signs advising not to do so and a fair number of desert plants that survive the climate.

The view also now includes a remarkably close-up view of some Hollywood superstar’s mansion (including observatory) that is under construction just below the chapel. All sorts of folks try to build as close as possible to the famed vortex energy forces that some believe exist in Sedona.

It is certainly worth making the climb up, but remember, they who go up have to make their way down. I tried very hard to make sure that I didn't do so on my backside!

No charge for admission. Donations accepted. Small gift shop inside the chapel.

Chapel of the Holy Cross
780 Chapel Road (east Of State Route 179)
Sedona, Arizona, 86336
(928) 282-4069

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