Vysehrad Casemates

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Gwilym Owen on May 7, 2004

Within the northern Cihelna (brick) Gate is a discreet sign pointing to a doorway at the side, which is very easy to miss unless you are looking for it!

Inside you are greeted by a small exposition and history of the walled defences of Prague and Vysehrad in particular, which costs around 10 crowns.

Again, if you don't know about what is hidden under the formidable ramparts of this great fortress, you could leave without realising that you have missed one of the star attractions here.

Every hour the attendant takes you on a guided tour of the casemates running under the walls from both directions of the Brick Gate. This tour costs 20 crowns - both of these costs are covered by the Prague Card.

It is like entering another world as the lights are switched on to reveal a tunnel disappearing into the distance. There are over two kilometres of tunnels under Vysehrad and after what seems an age you come out into a large black space pierced by shafts of light from several small openings and you are aware of several dark shapes looming out of the inky blackness.

When the lights are turned on it is truly a revelation because the Gorlice Hall is a large hall of some 330 square metres with a 13-metre ceiling and is used as a repository for six original Charles Bridge statues placed here at regular intervals since 1992:

St. Bernard with Madonna (by M.V. Jäckel, 1709)

St. Augustine and St. Nicolas of Tolentino (by J. B. Kohl, 1708)

St. Adalbert (by F. M. Brokof, 1709)

St. Anne (by M. V. Jäckel, 1707)

St. Ludmila with small Wenceslas (by M.B.Braun, 1720 - 1724)

The Gorlice Hall is a wonderful space, especially when the first time you enter you feel like Indiana Jones stumbling upon some long lost tomb for the first time.

Definitely the highlight of my visit to Vysehrad!

Also, in recent years a theatre company has been playing 'The Tragicall History of Doctor Faustus' by Christopher Marlowe in this space.

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