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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Laura Z on March 17, 2004

This small shop located in a 7/11 shopping plaza caters to what women need...quality swimwear that fits. When you walk into the shop, you'll be greeted by a vast array of options, one-piece, two-piece, bikinis, cover-ups, etc. You can peruse the racks or look at the photos on the walls and in the scrap books on the tables. Better yet, talk to Larry Quick.

Larry asked me questions about what kind of bathing suit I usually look for and like. He selected one in my size and had me try it on. We assessed the look in a triple fold mirror that was unforgiving.

Next, he selected the swimsuit that he felt would best hide my flaws and play up my assets. I didn't think the suit he selected would look good, but it did! I suggested that I would like it a little different here or there and, voila, he showed me how he would alter it. As a matter of fact, I could wait and have a completely new suit created for me, or he would change the one I tried on while I waited.

I really liked the pattern of the suit and wanted it right away, so I decided to wait. Larry quickly made the straps fit perfectly and added a removable strap on the top. I got the wider sides on the bottom so felt comfortable even though it was a two-piece.

We next tried on cover-ups to complete the whole look.

Larry also suggested I purchase a matching hair scrunchy for a couple of dollars to go with my suit. I really loved that, as it shows the suit is custom-made.

Finally, Larry gave me a small container of white vinegar and instructions on how to care for my suit so the colors stay bright.

I was very impressed with this store. Larry was very knowledgeable and took so much time. It was a pleasure doing business with him. I still love my suit! My mother also purchased a plus-size custom suit.

You can also access their website here. You can either "Build a Suit" from the top and bottom styles and fabrics, or select a suit from their gallery and your fabric. You order the basic size you want to have. Then they use the information that you enter (bust, cup, rib cage, waist, hips and torso) to design a pattern. They keep the pattern for your future swimsuit orders.

Custom Swimwear
2603 North Ocean Drive
Palm Beach, Florida, 33404
(561) 845-7848

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