Coco Bongo's

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by GoodGirlsFinishLast on March 4, 2004

This is absolutely the best place to party in Cancun! Our first night there was Halloween. There were acrobatic acts a la Cirque de Soleil. There was also an acrobatic Freddy vs. Jason act, complete with scary music, claws, and a chainsaw! There was a fantastic lip sync performance to Michael Jackson's “Thriller” with costumes, makeup, and dancers. It looked just like the video. These acts were in between the music, balloons falling, bubbles blowing, and confetti throwing – it was a good time! There were more lip syncing performances, including Bon Jovi and Frank Sinatra. The drinks were very strong. WARNING: beware of men with test tube drinks – you will lose your sight temporarily and forget the rest of the night!
Coco Bongo Cancun
Boulevard Kulkulcan 9.5 Plaza Forum By The Sea
Cancun, Mexico
(998) 883 -061

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