Ethal M Chocolate Factory Tour and Garden

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by diveguy on February 8, 2004

We had thought of doing this tour a couple of times, but finally decided to check it out. It was a walking tour; I think it took longer to drive to the factory from the strip than to do the tour. I was a little disappointed with the tour -- you walked through and watched video of how to make chocolates. You could look into the factory through windows, but couldn't really see anything. All the machines had covers. They did give out free samples of the chocolate -- I think my wife enjoyed that part the best! I really enjoyed the cactus garden and how they clean their water from the factory. I found this very interesting!

If you’re not sure where to go to see the factory, you can visit the Ethal M Chocolate store in the M&M building on the strip by the MGM. They have a map they can give you to help you find your way to the factory. One last thing: there are tour buses arriving all the time to the factory; time it so you go between buses, even if that means you wait for a few minutes before you go on the tour.

Ethel M's Chocolates and Cactus Garden
2 Cactus Garden Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada
(800) 438-4356

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