Gondola ride up Mount Mansfield

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by sunergy on February 29, 2004

The boys and I splurged for a trip up the mountain on the gondola to have dessert at the café at the top. Spectacular colors of the foliage showed though the mist as we rose. The gondola is about five miles up Mountain Road in Stowe. For under $15, you get a roundtrip journey up Vermont’s highest mountain, though there are those who hike back down. As we got above the tree line, the first snow of the season began. We could still see the colors of the fall trees below, but we watched the mountaintop gather its winter mantle. We burst out of the car and ran to make snowballs and laugh. It was perfect for molding creatures and we made a snow turkey, as it would soon be Canadian Thanksgiving. Snowmen and women grew as we filled the deck of the café with white beings.

Laughing and hungry, we then went in for a mid-afternoon dessert from our lunch down in the valley. We split a couple of their specialties just before it closed at 3pm. The top of our list was the brownie wrapped around ice cream. I also sipped a brandy as the boys had their milk and we watched the snow gather round the hillside.

Mount Mansfield Gondola Ride
5781 Mountain Road
Stowe, Vermont, 05672
(802) 253-3000


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