Luis Pena: Beach Day Trip

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ext212 on January 28, 2004

We were staying with Luis at Ocean View in Culebra and one of the trips we arranged with him and his speedboat is to Luis Pena.

We left Culebra around 10am and Luis dropped us off less than an hour later with an icebox packed with two sandwiches for lunch and a big bottle of water. We got lucky because the day we chose to go was the day when everyone else was in another beach, so it was just my boyfriend and I for the whole day in this small patch of sand and turquoise water. Our witness to our skinny-dipping was one yatch, miles and miles away. Luis' speedboat came back to pick us up around 4pm and we were like steamed lobsters with our tan! Mission accomplished!

Luis Pena: Beach Day Trip
North side of Cayo de Luis Pena
Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

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