Cemetery Voodoo Tour!!!!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Vester on January 24, 2004

This tour was really great! (On a side note, we even saw where Lenny Kravitz lives!) We had a bit of history throughout the tour of New Orleans and then we ended up at the cemetery. Of course, you probably know that all graves are above ground because it’s on a swamp. These graves really are so interesting. It was sweltering hot, so that took away some of the charm (June in New Orleans, haha!), but we even went to the tomb of the voodoo queen, Marie Leavau!! Interestingly enough, the scene from Easy Rider in the cemetery was shot here and if you have seen the movie, you will recognize the picture below of the statue that they were crawling on top of. Because of that movie and the city's unfavorable view of the way the cemetery was treated, they will not let any more movies be filmed there! Just an interesting fact for you!

It was definitely a tour rich in history and absolutely fun! I would definitely recommend it!

Cemetery Voodoo Tour
New Orleans, LA
New Orleans, Louisiana


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