Old Faithful Plus

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Steve Freitas on January 18, 2004

When we arrived at our campsite, we got settled, and then we figured we had a couple hours of daylight, so we hopped into the Jeep and headed off to see Old Faithful. Being from Colorado, we enjoyed the mountainous environment. Hoping to see some animals, we spotted some buffalo within 10 minutes of the trip. We must have used our allotment of animal-seeing, because we didn’t see any other animals until we pulled into the Old Faithful area. At that point, we saw more buffalo and a guy who was going to try and get really close to it to get a picture. After we turned off the main highway and into the Old Faithful parking area, we saw, I would guess, about 40 elk just grazing. So we did the tourist thing and slowed down, did some gawking, took a picture or five, and then continued on to the parking lot. When we looked to see when Old Faithful was going to shoot again, it was going to be after the sun went down (go figure), so we wandered through the stores and then headed back to the motor home, where we had dinner and then settled down in front of the campfire to relax.

The next day we were off again to Old Faithful and didn’t leave until we saw the water in the air. While waiting for the show, we walked around the thermal activities (there were wooded paths going by numerous fountains). Some spitting water, others just looking hot and deep. By the time the walk was done, Old Faithful was ready to spout off, so we sat down on the provided benches and listened to the park ranger talk about Old Faithful and the surrounding thermals. After the show, we headed north to see other thermal things. When you go, make sure you take any back road there is. That is where we saw the most activities. In fact, we stopped at this one thermal by the Great Fountain Thermal that was spouting for at least 15 minutes. (Don’t know how long it was going, because it was going when we got there and still going when we left.) On the way to Madison, we stopped to have lunch at a little picnic area next to a stream. Once our bellies were full, we continued on through Norris to Canyon to see the Falls. We got some good pictures, then back into the Jeep. We found out the road from Canyon to Fishing Bridge was closed for the season, so we had to backtrack to our motor home. Once we were back, we compared notes to a neighboring camper and then settled down next to another campfire where we had some roasted marshmallows.

Old Faithful
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