El Squid Roe

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by bebebloom on February 20, 2004

The nightlife at Cabo San Lucas pulsates early and continues into the wee hours. Drinking in the streets and on the beach is acceptable. Beach side bars are prolific and very popular, but there is only one place to be if you like frantic socializing and hyperactive dancing in Cabo: Mexico's #1 nightclub "El Squid Roe".

El Squid Roe is located in downtown, an icon of the Cabo night scene and a premier destination for party-seeking tourists. It is a three-story dance hall and restaurant of pulsating energy and stand room only the night we were there. The brightly painted walls and ceilings were adorned with humorous signs and colorful neon lights. The mood was energetic, the beat pulsates, the crowd contagious and friendly. The atmosphere was crazy/anything goes, so don’t be shy. Standing in the center of the main floor on a sturdy platform was the DJ who played great music mixes, rapped, and sang with the rhythm, moved the groove, and coaxed everyone to let go and join the fun. The perimeter was separated by metal railings, behind padded benches backed with platforms ideal for dancing were poised against the wall.

There were lots of active table dancing in the middle and ecstatic dirty dancing on the dance floor, hooting and spectators hanging over the upstairs railing. Waiters togged up with tequila bottles hanging from a six shooter belt were very animated, they fought their way through the throngs of crowd, they enticed and arm twisted equipped with spray tanks of tequila and jello shooters (definitely 100% lethal) a prescription for a menacing day-after headache.

Located across from the Hard Rock Cafe, El Squid Roe is not for the timid and the pedantic, but hey you are on vacation in Cabo, so let loose- go with the flow. It is a voyeur's dreamland, a surreal and outrageous place where one can acquire a hangover very easily. Non-stop fun, drinking and dancing from the moment we entered this club. All age groups frequent this restaurant and bar with no dress code, come as you are. Minors are allowed until 10:30pm before the real party begins.
Squid Roe
Lazaro Cardenas
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23410
+52 624 143 0655


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