Member Rating 5 out of 5 by cindysg3 on December 27, 2003

This was our second visit to Xcaret in a year. The first time, a tour guide escorted us through various areas, which was so helpful and educational. The second time, we went on our own. Be sure to take your camera and a good pair of walking shoes. We stayed from the opening to closing, 9am - 8pm. Don't miss the colorful night show. It lasts two hours and has a 10-minute intermission halfway through. If you are going to be swimming, use the lockers by the lagoon and dolphins. It's inexpensive. We did the 1.5-hour snorkel tour. They take you on a boat to the reef, a 15-minute boat ride each way. This was our first attempt, and my husband and I enjoyed it. We were a little disappointed not to see more color on the reef, but it was overcast while we were swimming.
Riviera Maya - 5 miles from Playa derl Carmen
Playa del Carmen, Mexico


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