Anini Beach

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by azsunluvr on January 21, 2004

It was our first full day in Hawaii and we were ready to explore! High on our list of places to see was Anini Beach. We tossed our snorkel gear and beach towels into the rental car and headed north. Anini can be a little difficult to find, but with help from a guidebook we arrived after only one pleasant and uneventful detour.

I’d read a journal that mentioned this was a favorite spot of Pierce Brosnan. Alas, no Bond today. After a short walk on the beach, we couldn’t wait any longer to get into that inviting, calm, clear water. We donned our snorkel gear and began our first venture into the underwater world of Kauai.

Hawaii’s famous triggerfish, the humuhumunukunukuapuaa, was very plentiful. We have one of these fish in our saltwater tank at home, but the huge guys we saw underwater would make an easy snack out of our little one! We marveled at how FAT they are!

Damselfishes as big as silver dollars swam right up to me. I wondered if they were curious or just not paying attention. Or maybe other snorkelers have been bringing treats to share. Darn! Why didn’t I remember to bring a bit of dog kibble?

Other wonders were spotted boxfishes, parrotfish and wrasses. We watched a small eel weave through submerged lava rocks. The water in this area was very shallow, and we could have stood up at any time. We had to be careful of the deeper sea-lane and small boats occasionally coming and going. In the sea-lane, the current was quite fast, so we worked our way out of it and back to the sunny beach.

After a quick fresh-water shower, and allowing a few minutes drying time, we decided to follow the road along the beach to its end. Beautiful homes and many rental houses line the street. We picked up a flyer to see what the rental rates are. The homes will sleep 4-18 people and begin at $950-3450 per week.

Despite spending three more days on Kauai, Anini Beach remained my favorite spot. Quite deserted, it allowed us the opportunity to experience a quiet, romantic Hawaiian paradise.

Anini Beach Park
At the end of Anini Road
Hanalei, Hawaii, 96714
+1 808 822 5065

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