Greenwich Village

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Greenwich and West Village is full of leafy streets divided by wide commercial avenues. Bars, theatres, cinemas and bistro cafes hide in nooks and corners. There is also a British Fish & Chips shop (A Salt & Battery) and a British Tea Room (Tea & Sympathy) and a British shop (Myers of Keswick) – if you ever feel homesick/fancy a pack of Walkers crisps. You soon find that, even though everything is parallel, you walk certain streets because of their ambience and the styles of the 18th and 19th century buildings.

In one part of Greenwich Village is Washington Park Square. Despite the historic buildings that surround it, the square is probably my least favorite open space that I have come across (I often avoid it deliberately when walking home from SoHo). A ‘Marble Arch’ style monument overlooks an area full of dodgy peddlers who whisper at you as you walk past them. Near the center is a small dog-area – one of the few places where dogs can run free in this dog-crazy city. The dog-area used to be in a triangular space on the northwestern part of the square but they had to move it a few years ago when the dog started digging up the ground. Much longer ago this part of the park was where the city’s hanging tree used to stand. People would crowd every week to watch the latest criminals be hung. The bodies were buried by the gallows (probably the only buried in the city after they banned cemeteries in Manhattan in the 19th century). So the dogs at the park a few years ago started coming back to their owners not with a retrieved ball but a human bone or two!!

Greenwich Village
Houston To 14th Street
New York, New York, 10014

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