Historic Charleston & Fort Sumter

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by azsunluvr on January 2, 2004

A one-day trip to Charleston for a bit of American history was a nice diversion from lazy days at Myrtle Beach. After stopping at the Visitor’s Center for maps and brochures, we went directly to the South Carolina Aquarium, for which I have completed a separate journal entry. The highlight of this visit to Charleston was to be a tour of Fort Sumter National Monument , followed by a carriage ride through the historical streets of this town.

The 3-mile ferry ride out to the island where Fort Sumter is located passed quickly as the story of the historic battle of Fort Sumter was given via a recording over loudspeakers. As we disembarked, the humidity was stifling. Most of us from the ferry gathered our shiny faces around a tour guide who would go into more detail about the history of this incredible fortress. I personally found it fascinating to envision the (what seems now) crude military of 140 years ago defending this fort, President Abraham Lincoln, and the Union against secession, slavery and small-mindedness. My favorite item in the museum area was a tattered, original flag that flew over the fort before it was surrendered to the Confederate Army.

To finish off our day in lovely Charleston, a carriage ride seemed appropriately historical. On the Palmetto Carriage Tour, we learned about architecture, and how doors and windows were strategically placed to allow for the most cooling cross-breezes. The gas-lit cobblestone streets awed us. We learned that these stones arrived as ballast in sailing ships that came into the Charleston harbor from Europe. We learned about some of the oldest families, and how they made their fortunes. The carriage tour cost $16 per person, with a free parking coupon. It meets at the big red barn downtown on Guignard St.

Historic Charleston & Fort Sumter
Charleston Harbor
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


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