Pont du Gard

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Idis on December 21, 2003

Pont du Gard is a major sight and a well visited one. If you arrive early the amount of visitors is manageable, and the temperature is more cozy. Walk from the car park and along the river down to the very well preserved, three-tired Roman aqueduct which was built around 19 BC to bring water from one site of the river to the other. This is a very beautiful place and you can also walk up a small path on the other side of the Pont du Gard to get a great view of the enormous "bridge", the wild river and the surroundings.

Some years ago you could lie sunbathing on top of the "bridge" but the structure has now been fenced off to preserve it. Instead, you can now lie on the river's side--depending on the water's level--and sun bathe, or you can go to the "Kayak Vert" or "Cano├ź Le Tourbillon" and rent a canoe.

There is a big welcoming center attached to the place - it's not quite my style - very commercial - but they have a museum and a cinema if you have more interest in the place than just seeing the great views.

Parking will cost you about 5 Euro. But you can also reach the place by bus from the nearby Nimes (23 km) and Avignon (26 km).

Pont du Gard
Crossing the Gardon River
Near Remoulins, France


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