Epcot - World Showcase

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by miriam1981 on August 12, 2003

Where else can you visit 11 nations on one vacation while staying in the same hotel every night? The World Showcase is a wonderful place in Walt Disney World. Each pavilion is amazingly realistic. Across World Showcase Lagoon, 11 nations stand side-by-side in perfect peace and harmony. The staff who is working there are citizens of the countries they represent, so they have a really good knowledge about everything. When you have spent some time in World Showcase, you truly feel like a world traveller. Another good thing is, that there are lots of activities for children. Here, the kids can meet characters in their country of origin and there are a couple of rides and number of outstanding films. World Showcase is a very nice and interesting place. You shouldn’t miss it!!
Epcot World Showcase
World Showcase Lagoon
Orlando, 32830
(407) 939-8687


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