Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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This is a large, functioning Russian Orthodox Cathedral from the 1900's. It's an art noveau masterpiece designed by Mikhail Preobrzhensky during a time when Russia ruled the Baltics. The cathedral is located in the upper Old Town by the Estonian Parliment building. The domed spires, typical of the Russian Orthodox style, are visible from much of the old city. There is a large Russian population in Tallinn and this their center for worship.

The cathedral is part gift shop, part house of worship. Depending on when you visit, you may find yourself mobbed with tour groups or alone with a group of worshippers. The interior is quite impressive, but make sure to take the time to walk around the outside and enjoy the architecture - especially if you won't be going on to Russia itself. As this is an active cathedral, please be respectful. Dress appropriately and be conscious of your voice and manners.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Toompea, Upper Old Town
Tallinn, Estonia

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