The End of the Road - Hermits Rest

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Malahini on November 14, 2003

Not what you'd expect at this dead end for the shuttle bus. Beyond here, you go on foot. And yet - here there's a snack bar, gift shop, shade, and shelter with a fantastic view. Well worth your time to watch the shadows fall and change the character of this colorful canyon. And we were entertained as we watched - by ravens, squirrels, and a tame cat who lusted for the squirrels but hadn't a prayer of catching them. Remember that people are eating their snacks outdoors, and the wildlife see this as an opportunity not to be missed.

For photographers, too, it's an opportunity not to be missed. The surrounding trees frame some of the most colorful parts of the canyon. The wildlife provides (human?) interest. The shade and the seating allow you to linger. And the knowledge that the shuttle bus will make fewer stops on the return trip tempts you to delay boarding.

Be thankful for the shuttle system. This stop is roomy, but the parking lot is small. When we've visited in years past, we felt lucky to find parking and guilty to linger and hog the parking spot.

Photos speak where words are weak. And a limit of four - I can't abide. So I'll soon add another entry, allowing more photos and a link to the Grand Canyon website where planners for a visit can find more information.

Hermit's Rest
West Rim Drive
Grand Canyon, Arizona, 86023
No phone available

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